Apparently Loren Feldman's deal with Verizon Wireless is in some trouble.  As Mathew Ingram reports...

A video that controversial video-blogger Loren Feldman of 1938media did almost a year ago has come back to haunt him, it seems. Several civil-rights groups and media watchdogs are protesting a decision by telecom giant Verizon to add 1938media’s video clips to its mobile Vcast service, saying Loren’s “TechNigga” clip is demeaning to black people.


The video that has Islamic Hope and other groups so upset is one called “TechNigga,” which Loren put together last August. After wondering aloud why there are no black tech bloggers, Loren reappears with a skullcap and some gawdy jewelry, and claims to be the host of a show called TechNigga.

I've been a supporter of Loren Feldman so I thought I should give my thoughts on the issue.  First let me say that I didn't really enjoy the video in dispute.  I just didn't find it funny. 

But that's the reality of this kind of entertainment.  People who push boundaries are going to miss on occasion.  They're going to offend on occasion and they're going to produce content that isn't funny on occasion.  That's the job description.  That's why its risky. 

Part of being a fan of that type of person is knowing that the bad is going to be really bad and good is going to be really good. 

That said, there are those that are sensitive to such things and those people should probably avoid boundary pushing entertainment.  I fully support those people's right to not watch something that might offend them.  The problem comes when those people try to impose their will on those who might enjoy it. 

In other words I support their right to be offended.  The problem is, they don't support my right not to be offended.

Take this paragraph from Talib Morgan...

I think Mr. Feldman has a first amendment right to say whatever he wants. What I took offense to is that Verizon Wireless went and decided to source some content from this guy. I suppose they should be commended for trying to make things interesting for their customers, but surely there have to be better avenues for getting content. I like to laugh as much as the next guy, moreso perhaps, but such content goes too far.

Basically he's saying he respects people's right to say what they want but that he'll do anything in his power to make sure no one hears it.  By that definition the Iranians trying to kill people for blogging are free speech advocates.  They simply have more power at their disposal than Mr. Morgan. 

That's the danger in someone like Mr Morgan.  He's willing to do anything he can to harm those who disagree with him.

Understand the distinction here.  I support Mr. Morgan's right not to listen to, watch or in any way support Loren Feldman and 1938Media.  I encourage him to tell all his friends to do the same and if enough people do that there will be no market from 1938Media videos.  But that's not what Mr. Morgan wants.  What he wants is to impose his will over others regardless of how they feel and silence anyone who he finds offensive. 

Say what you will about Loren Feldman he's not trying to force anyone to listen to him.  That's more than Talib Morgan can say. 

Addendum: It appears this story made my local news cast:  The irony is that the local NBC news personality trying to describe the contents of the video while in words suitable for TV is absolutely hilarious.