For me, there is very little in this life worse than being upset about something when there is no one on earth to blame for it.  Such is the case with the new MVC Framework that was supposed to be released on Friday but now won't see the light of day until at least Monday.  Here's the quote from Scott Guthrie (gotten via Troy Goode)

Quick update to everyone - we found a last minute bug late last night, and had to-do a rebuild of the bits.  This unfortunately means we won't go live today as origionally planned.  The team is working hard, though, to try and get it out ASAP (they will be here this weekend finishing the test pass).  

I'll do a blog post announcing it as soon as it is live.  As penance I'm also doing a long Part 4 blog post this weekend that covers editing and form posting scenarios, which combined with the first three tutorial posts should provide a pretty good foundation for working with the bits.

Many apologies for the delay - almost there now though,




Again, you can't really blame them for a bug, every project has bugs, and you can't really blame them for holding up the release which is exactly what they should be doing.  All you can really do is stew in your own juices and go back to working on your (now seemingly bland) web forms projects. 

The one thing I would like to say (and it goes back to the points I made in this post) is to again complain about all the MVC posts leading up to now.  As I said before I don't really blame them for their enthusiasm but what all that enthusiasm has done is to build up developer anticipation which makes a delay like this sting all the more.  If they had embargoed all those posts until after the release people would be a lot less annoyed now.