In what I think is far more important news (at least for this blog) my Internet connection is now straining to download Visual Studio 2008 from the MSDN site (actually I suspect its their servers that are under the strain right now).  Say what you will about Microsoft platforms the Visual Studio team always delivers an exciting release and this is no exception. 

Though I'm really curious about Linq I think the thing I'm most excited about right now is the CSS features (which don't get mentioned nearly as much as they should).  I love ASP.NET and I think they made some great strides in the appearance arena with the last release but the platform still has a weird mis-mash of themes and CSS.  Hopefully this will do a lot to alleviate that. 

Anyway, given the download speed I'm getting I don't plan on getting any interaction any time soon but it seems like a fun way to spend the long weekend. 

Addendum: Scott Guthrie has a nice post about the changes in Visual Studio 2008