Well, the good news is Internet Explorer finally supports the <canvas> element (a huge personal pet peeve of mine).  At least, sort of

Google just announced the launch of Chrome Frame, a new open-source project that will allow Chrome's rendering engine to run within Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6,7, and 8. This plugin, which is available now, will give developers the option to ask users if they would prefer to switch to the Chrome rendering and JavaScript engine. Users simply continue to use Internet Explorer and the switch will be completely seamless, with no noticeable changes to the user interface

How pathetic is it when your competitors have to add basic features to your product? 

Keep in mind, in the case of the <canvas> element EVERY OTHER BROWSER supports it at this point and has for at least a year.  IE was the sole hold out.  Not only had they held out so far but they refused to guarantee they’d implement it in IE9. 

It’s ridiculous. 

When Microsoft reformed the IE team (after disbanding it a few years earlier) the promise was they’d restore  IE to a first class browser.  2 versions later that’s yet to happen.  While on the other end of things Microsoft doesn’t seem to do adequate testing of other browsers in regards to their corporate products like Sharepoint. 

So they’re basically disappointing their customers on both sides.

Hopefully having Google make a fool of them (yet again) will be the kick Microsoft needs to get IE back in the browser war.  Because right now it’s just an embarrassing afterthought that corporate customers are forced to use.