For the record this post was written several days ago.  But it was much angrier then and I decided to give myself some cool down time before posting.  Below is a much calmer version of the original post…

I love my iPhone.  More than you could really ever know.  So don’t accuse me of being an “Apple Hater”

But Apple stopping the Palm Pre’s ability to sync with iTunes is reprehensible.  If I’m their customer and I decide to buy a Pre I should be welcome to it.  Apple should be overjoyed to still be making money off the music.  The fact that they aren’t worried about losing that revenue stream shows they’ve become a de facto monopoly in the sector.

But that’s not what really bugged me.

Actually "bugged" is no where near strong enough.  I had to hold this post back because I was just way too angry to put it up (as the post itself indicated).  Not at Apple, but at the blogs covering the story who gave Apple a complete pass.   

Take Mashable for instance

Palm can complain all they want, but even if Palm pushes out an update to allow syncing with iTunes again, you can expect Apple to counter quickly. The lesson? Palm probably shouldn’t have made syncing with iTunes a selling point.

And Gizmodo…

Obviously if you're a Pre user you should not update to the latest iTunes. Not, at least, until Palm strikes back with some kind of firmware update to enable syncing again. It's not like 8.2.1 has all that many new features either, so you don't really need to update.

How about (of the TechCrunch family)

In real people speak, this means “blocks the Palm Pre from syncing with iTunes”. The Palm Pre had been falsely identifying itself as an iPod in order to allow iTunes users to sync with it. Just as we had predicted a month ago, Apple has swung back at Palm for trying to sneak their way into their closed garden.

Both of these moves are understandable, though they seem quite mean-spirited.

Notice not one bit of disapproval for Apple.  The worse you get is “mean spirited but understandable

So, basically companies can be proprietary if they’re companies we like.  Is that what I’m getting? 

It’s ok that all my songs will forever be locked into Apple because Apple’s doing it? 


Now some blogs did call Apple on this but the ones that didn’t just amaze me.  Because you KNOW Microsoft would never get away with this. 

Remember when Microsoft abandoned it’s PlayForSure partners to make Zune.  In that case they didn’t shut off everyone’s access to Media Player.  They didn’t take anything away from the initiative they’d been a part of.  They just chose to make a product of their own.


This is just ridiculous.  Apple is using what is essentially a monopoly in the digital music industry to misbehave in a way that Microsoft never dreamed of.  Even in their hayday. 


One of the things you always hear from bloggers is how they need to exist because the mainstream media is bought and paid for.  So what does it say about bloggers when they do t he same thing without even having to be bought?