In his comments, in response to a comment I made to him, Hank Williams said...

You should read everyone's comments on all of these blogs and really seriously reconsider your positions. You seem like a good guy that has somehow gotten some really wrong ideas about this in your head. Please think about this a bit. I don't think a few years from now your defense of this guy is going to be a proud moment for you.

Now, in conversation speak the above paragraph translates into roughly "conversation closed" and I can respect that.  Its his blog and when he's done with the conversation he has the right to end it. 

To be honest, he may be right that I'll regret my last post in the future.  I look forward to looking back on this and seeing what time will reveal.

(that last sentence sounded far dumber than it actually was in my defense) 

But the one thing that makes me doubt I'll feel any regret and the one point I want to make clear before I (mercifully) return to talking Tech is this: If you think this is about Loren Feldman you've missed the point.

This is and always has been (at least on my part) about free speech.  You have the freedom to speak your mind and while there are consequences to that freedom those consequences should be determined by the world and not by a vocal minority.  In other words, if Loren Feldman is offensive, people won't watch.  If people don't watch, his show goes away.  That is a perfectly acceptable consequence of him exercising his freedom of speech.

Understand this, no matter what we do there will be consequences to the using the freedoms we have.  BUT...and this is the important part (if the bold didn't tip you off)...Our responsibility as a society is to make it as easy as possible for people to make use of their freedoms.

That means not imposing penalties to those freedoms that aren't inevitable.

When people, like the protestors in the 1938Media case, take it upon themselves to impose penalties they are acting in opposition to the values of a society that has freedom of speech. Because doing so causes people to fear the use of their freedoms which in turn causes people not to use them. 

That fear, mark my words, will eventually destroy freedom of speech as we know it.  Again, an important part...if we as a society allow people to intimidate others into not using their freedoms we have effectively taken those freedoms away. 

Now there are some who will say the protestors are just making use of their freedom of speech.  That's not true.  In fact, the Supreme Court has actually said that's not true.  Final important point here...Threats are not covered under free speech.  These protestors are free to post to their own blogs, send notices out to their friends and followers, and speak against Loren Feldman in any way they can.  But the second they say to Verzion "take this man's contract away or else" they've crossed a line. 

So in the end it all comes down to the same point.  No matter how much someone else's words might bother you being in a free society means sucking it up so that, when you have something to say that might bother them, you are free to do so.