One thing I said from the start of this blog was that I didn't want to be one of those guys who tries to be aloof about things rather than acknowledge and enjoy good things that happen.  So, without being too self congratulatory (it really had nothing to do with me) I did want to mention that the last post did get onto Techmeme, got a mention on Techcrunch, and got over 1000 pageviews (yes I broke my own rule and checked my numbers) and it was all pretty darn cool.   

Thanks to anyone who had anything to do with giving me that experience. 

Any week that starts with your own 1938media video and ends with a Techcrunch mention is about as close to blogging nirvana as one gets.  With that being said, it doesn't really change anything.  The crowds will move on and the topic will move on and I'll still be the same nobody you've all come to know and hopefully love (or at least tolerate).  But for the day it was a lot of fun and I wanted to acknowledge that. 

As a "last word" on the Shel Israel thing I wanted to address the few people who e-mailed me asking if/or telling me I should feel bad for him. 

Well I do, a little.  But the truth is, he hasn't really lost anything.  Take me as an example, I don't have much respect for the man's knowledge or interviewing ability at this point.  I'm certainly never planning to watch another one of his videos. 

But if he takes all the criticism levied at him to heart, improves what he's doing, and starts producing great videos that's going to get around.  I, as someone who watches the blogosphere, am going to see everyone talking about the great Shel Israel videos and will take a look.  When I do, if they really are great, he'll get me as a viewer.  So this might be a setback for him but it isn't a loss unless he chooses to make it one. 

Addendum: Can't say I didn't see this coming.